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If you are looking for a gorgeous north Idaho wedding venue that is within 45 minutes of Lewiston, Idaho and has many amazing offerings such as a reception barn, 5 separate ceremony locations, and overnight dry camping allowed, then this is the venue for you. As a professional wedding photographer in north Idaho, I think this is one of the best wedding venues around the Lewiston area.

Some history: Big Canyon Acres has *just* finished and opened their reception barn for weddings. They have hosted fully outdoor weddings for one season already, so they already have their foot in the door with events. The owners, Susan and Ron, have such great personalities and are such a joy to work with. You can rest assured that they will do anything and everything in their power to make your wedding day the best it can be. Susan has a background in working for non-profits and hosting large events within her organizations, and Ron is a retired school teacher. Overall, they know what they are doing, and you can trust them to make sure you have a great experience.

Now, onto the venue specifics!

Rustic, but Classy North Idaho Wedding Venue

I love this venue because it can be made into any style you want it to be. You can decorate it to almost any theme you want, especially if you choose to host your wedding outdoors. And even inside the barn, its pretty much a blank slate with some rustic undertones. Ron and Susan did an amazing job in designing this barn to be bright and classy, but still have a warm and cozy feeling.

Because this venue is a new build, you don’t have any lingering “dingy” feelings that you might get from a barn that has been converted from a working animal farm to a wedding venue. Don’t get me wrong, for the right couples those barns are also beautiful! But if you want a new, fresh, and beautiful venue that is still a little rustic, this venue is for you!

Orchards, Groves, and more!

One of the reasons I love this venue is the possibility for so many photo opportunities. Aside from that, you can also have a completely custom ceremony. There are 5 different outdoor locations that would be perfect for a ceremony, and you get your pick! In my opinion, having an outdoor ceremony is ideal so that you can have beautiful, well-lit, photos with a gorgeous backdrop. They have so many types of orchards and groves. You will be in awe at the options after touring their property.

Here’s a peak at a few of the outdoor locations. Even in early April (first two photos) before any blooms or greening of the trees, it still is a stunning location!

Other Bonuses

Ron & Susan have really thought about everything when it comes to bonuses included in their packages to make your wedding weekend the best it can be. The barn is fully equipped with everything you would need in order to host a wedding there. Tables and chairs for 350, lighting, speakers, and even a full decor gallery that you can choose pieces from to decorate for your wedding are provided. Other bonuses are rehearsal dinner availability, cleanup provided and taken care of, lighting and drapes for the barn, and much more. The best part of all of this is that its all included in the venue rental price! No extra fees for any of it!

One of the best add ons, though, is dry camping overnight! This gives your guests the opportunity to stay safe and not drive after your wedding. For the full list of amenities and packages, head to their website here!

On another note, Ron and Susan are just amazing people. I believe that they are in this business to help your vision come to life. If you have any questions about options for the venue, or you want something that isn’t listed on their website, I am sure they would be happy to answer anything you throw at them.

Final Thoughts

If you are still in your search for a wedding venue, please don’t end your search without at least touring this one. It is such a stunner and the people you will work with are amazing!

If you decide to get married at this gorgeous venue, I would LOVE to be your wedding photographer. I know that I can capture so many amazing memories so beautifully at this venue!

North Idaho Wedding Venue: Big Canon Acres

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