Nice to meet you! I am a Clarkston, WA based photographer who loves to get you all up in your feels. I'm here serving the down-to-earth, the adventurous, the romantic, and the carefree couples. I'm ready to travel wherever true love takes you. I want to be your biggest supporter through the wedding planning process - I am working for you after all! You deserve to have someone who can give advice as a professional from the wedding industry, and as someone who has been a bride. I even planned and put together my own wedding in less than 6 months (while student teaching, applying and interviewing for jobs, and graduating college)! I know, call me crazy! Now I have the best husband in the world, and I couldn't be happier about what God has put in my life!

i love love stories

I'm Bailey!

That's Me!

7 countries visited & counting

30+ weddings photographed

3 fur babies

1023 times I've watched  F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

My Approach





As a wedding photographer who loves to build connections with couples, the words above are very important to me. If you feel like those words relate to you and draw you into them, I can promise that we will have the best time working together. I strive to create moments that represent each couple individually so your photos will never feel like they could be just anyone's. 

meet my high school sweetheart

This is my hubby, Caleb, and he is a huge part of my story. We met at youth group in high school and started dating shortly after he went to college. After he proposed to me in Canada, we got married only 6 months later right after we both graduated from College

If it weren't for him being my biggest supporter, there is no way that I would be where I am today in this business. 

Some of his favorite things include: 
     - Our animals: Kona, Briar, and Remi
     - watching football on Sundays
     - and playing board games 

about me

fun facts

My first business venture started when I was about 5 years old: my sister and I got chickens and would take care of them and collect eggs and then sell eggs to all the church ladies on Sundays.

One of my bucket list locations is Greece, so if you are headed there I would be happy to hide in your suitcase and take cute pics of you on the beach! 

My absolute favorite day of the week is Monday because Mondays always seem to be the most productive (it's even a Monday as I write this) and I always feel super accomplished on Mondays!