Katie & Jayce | Spring Valley Reservoir – Troy, Idaho | North Idaho Engagement Photographer

Katie and Jayce have been together for three years and decided it was time for a couples session. I couldn’t be happier to have been able to take their photos, or with how they turned out. They brought their cute 4-year-old pup, Ally. We all had the best time at Spring Valley Reservoir, just north of Troy, Idaho. I am also so happy Katie mentioned this location for the session! She had never been there, but a friend had suggested it to her, and now I am in love! It is pretty easy to get to, and SO GORGEOUS!!!!

If you need a winter session location or date day idea, Spring Valley Reservoir is the perfect place for you! While out there, we saw a lot of ice skating, ice fishing, and there’s even plenty of winter accessible hiking available. We stayed pretty close to the parking lot for the whole session, but we did hike up into the pines a little bit to get the gorgeous sunset in the background.

The outfits that Katie & Jayce chose for their session are so dang perfect for a casual cozy winter session! The colors are a great pop against the soft white snow and gorgeous sunset, but yet don’t take away from them as a couple. I love the earth tones and neutrals look, and these outfits nailed that vision!

And did I mention they brought their cute pup!?! Once Ally warmed up to the area, we brought her in for a few photos. She is such a sweetie!

After spending a while up in the trees, we walked less than 5 minutes back down to the lake and got a gorgeous view of the sunset with the trees in the background! One thing I love about this location is that there can be so much variety, and I’m sure in the summer it is just as gorgeous. We just stuck to staying on land because it was easier and just as pretty.

Katie & Jayce had so much fun with their Idaho engagement session. You can see just how in love they are! I wanted to make their session unique, and in doing so, decided to do some creative black and white shots for them! Let me know what you think in the comments. Would you want unique, creative images like these?!

Anyways, I LOVED working with Katie & Jayce, and can’t wait to work with you too!! Scroll for even more photos from this North Idaho engagement session!

Winter Northern Idaho Engagement Session

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