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Finding a wedding photographer who does more than just take pretty pictures can be difficult, but you don’t have to look any further. My mission as a professional wedding photographer is to help you make your wedding day as stress-free as it possibly can be! This begins from the time you inquire all the way through when you choose to order prints, so let’s dive into all the things that make your wedding day a breeze when you choose to work with me.

1. I’m here for you.

Full stop. It’s that simple. I am here to answer your questions, give you advice, and make wedding planning a breeze. If you have any wedding related questions, you can rest assured that you have a wedding professional on your side.

2. Wedding guide & vendor recommendations.

To further help you with professional advice and a little cheering on, I have created a wedding guide that walks you through all things wedding photo related (and more). This guide will be mailed to you with a few surprise gifts after your engagement session and includes everything from how to plan a timeline to what each part of your day entails, and SO MUCH more.

As a Washington wedding photographer, I have also created a jam packed wedding vendor recommendation for eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. If you are getting married outside of those areas, you are also always welcome to ask for vendor recommendations as I have connections all over the country and can certainly find you some quality vendors to work with!

3. Timeline planning.

One of the most important day-of plans is the timeline, and timelines are hard. Coordinating a wedding with so many moving parts from family and wedding party to when your cake is arriving, the DJ’s schedule, the flowers arriving is hard. Lucky for you, I have been a vendor at upwards of 30 weddings so I know ins and outs of how a day-of timeline. You should also get help from your other vendors (like your DJ, hair and makeup, and venue coordinator) to make sure everyone is on the same page. During your consultation with me, we will go over every detail of your timeline for the timeframe that I will be with you.

4: Location scouting.

You do not have to find your photo locations all on your own. If you don’t have a sentimental location you want to take your engagement photos and you’re not sure where to go for them, all I need to know is what kind of background you want. With that, I can find you the perfect location to match your dream photos! Same applies on your wedding day. If I can’t scout your venue or surrounding locations before the day of, I will show up with plenty of time to find gorgeous locations for all of your portraits.

5: I will keep you feeling calm.

I never want you to feel stressed on your wedding day. Because of that, I will NEVER make you feel rushed. I may make your wedding party or family hurry, but you have a free pass and I will not make you feel late. Heck, it’s your day. You can be as late as you want.

Because I have this mindset about your day, I always build extra time into your day-of timeline so that even if you are late (or your family or wedding party is late), we still get all your photos in.

6: I have plans B-Z running through my head all day.

Wedding days were not created to run on time. Any wedding industry professional will tell you the same thing. Yes, the goal of all this planning and consultations and everything else is to make sure it goes *mostly* the way you plan, but it’s never going to be perfect down to the minute. That’s why I always have backup plans running through my brain. Even when it doesn’t go right, we still get everything we need to done.

Final Thoughts

You get one wedding day in your life. You deserve to have the most relaxed day with vendors who are taking care of you and your experience on your day, and you should not have to worry, stress, or be anxious about anything wedding related. If you feel the same way, I am your girl. Let me serve you through all of these avenues AND give you the stunning photos you deserve to remember the most important day of your life.

To find out more about the logistics of working with me, head to the info page on my website, or if you are ready to get this relationship started today, click the button below and submit a contact form! I cannot wait to meet you!

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