Ted & Tes | Northwest Cascades Range Engagement Session | Fall Engagement Session Near Seattle

Ted & Tes decided on Spada Lake for their engagement session which is about an hour and a half north east of Seattle. First off, the drive up to this lake is AMAZING and 100% worth just making the trip sometime. There’s waterfalls lining the whole drive, a beautiful river with plenty of spots to pull off & explore, and so much beautiful scenery! 

Once you get to the actual lake, there’s tons of parking & so many views! The water is so blue & the mountains behind are so grand, it’s just stunning! As a bonus, there’s more than just the lake & mountain views- there’s also redwoods as well as a snow capped mountain behind the parking lot. We got to use all three locations, but we started at the lake with the most spectacular views.

While I was location scouting, I used Google maps, Google earth, and tons of other search engines. I wanted to find the perfect location for Ted & Tes since they were traveling from MN for this session. This location (when the water level is lower) is a rocky beach that is covered in tree stumps. There is tons of room to walk and explore. Since I wasn’t able to visit the location before their session, I had to rely on the information that was available to me. If I had known the water level was going to be this high, I might not have chosen it.

However, I think this location paired with the lake water level being much higher than we anticipated, created some of the most unique engagement photos I have ever taken. This certainly isn’t what it was supposed to look like, but honestly I am in love with the outcome.

I loved being able to get a little creative with these logs and using them to our advantage! Since it’s not every session location that there’s opportunities to climb, we took full advantage of that opportunity here!

After enjoying all that the lake had to offer, we moved onto the redwoods. This little spot had lots of light peeking through the thick cover of the trees. A perfect spot to get lots of contrast and gorgeous views in the photos. If you keep walking down this trail, there’s a few more locations that reach the lake, along with a few beautiful creeks along the way.

I absolutely adore the redwoods and beautiful spots like this are 100% why. We had no idea that there would be such beautiful diversity in this location! And I’m all for using what’s around – even if it wasn’t the plan! Fortunately, these two had perfect outfits to go with this spot. The beautiful tan of Tes’s coat paired perfectly with the dark green of the background.

I loved everything about this Spada Lake engagement session! I cannot wait to come back to this location for a totally different vibe sometime when the water level is lower. Ted & Tes rocked this session and I am so incredibly happy that they came all the way from Minnesota for the beauty of the Cascades mountain range!

Check out more from their session below!


Spada Lake Engagement Session

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