Alycia & Justin | Fall Engagement Session | Kendrick, Idaho

Meet Alycia & Justin! They have know each other for quite a while, and just got engaged this past June! They have the cutest daughter and both are amazing entrepreneurs – Justin started a weight lifting gear company and Alycia is a fitness trainer. They have such kind souls, and they are honestly perfect for each other, as you will see in the rest of their photos!

After moving to Washington and getting a feel for the area, I was able to do a little location scouting, and I found this stunning location right northeast of Kendrick, Idaho that is perfect to start an engagement session at! It’s just a pull-off on the highway that leads to a driveway, but this view is literally 20 feet away from where you can park. What a dream location?! And not to mention the to-die-for fall colors that were happening at the time!

I also love the outfits that Alycia & Justin chose – they’re perfect for the beautiful fall weather that we were having, and they just vibe perfectly with the location! Their boots are by far my favorite aspect of what they chose because I feel like they are well represented through them.

As you can see from these two photos above, you can tell that Alycia & Justin love to have fun with each other! One thing that I loved about this session was that these two were down for literally anything. Whatever I asked them to do, they didn’t even question it, and they put their own twist on it. Their photos show just how much they love each other and how fun they are together. It’s a perfect representation of their stage of lives right now, and later in life, these photos will serve as a great reminder of their engagement season of life.

We finished up at this location with some running and a little making out, but the next spot had even more fall colors, and the sunset through the trees just made for so many dreamy photos!

This location is by the river, and again, such an easy walk to the perfect spot (bonus: there is a perfect sunrise location here too, just on the other side of the road)! To round out their session, we just did a few more playful and fun prompts, and then called it a success!

View more photos from this engagement session in Kendrick, Idaho below!

Northern Idaho Fall Engagement Session

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